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    86Tzeng, J.S., and M.C. Wang*,1997,Effect of soils on the micromorphological changes of compost-derived humified substances.,Taiwan Suger,44,pp12-15 (SCI)Min-Chao Wang
    861997,,29,pp69-92 (其他)Min-Chao Wang
    861997,,61,pp9-12 (其他)Min-Chao Wang
    861997,,35,pp385-400 (其他)Min-Chao Wang
    861997,,23,pp340-347 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    861997,,23,pp32-36 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    861997,,23,pp41-48 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    861997,,23,pp515-522 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    861997,,67,pp101-106 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    861997,,67,pp161-171 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang


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