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    87Lee, S.Z., Chang, L.Z., Yang, H.H. ,1998, Adsorption Characteristics of Lead onto Soils, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 63,pp 37-49 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    87Chen, C.B., Yang, H.H., Chiang, J.L.,1998,The influence of fuel aromatics on particulate emissions and aerosols from a heavy-duty diesel engine,Journal of Aerosol Science, 29,pp 239- (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    871998,,1,pp249-268 (其他)Min-Chao Wang
    871998,,47,3,pp242-258 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    871998,,24,pp203-211 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    871998,,68,pp133-142 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    871998,,24,pp29-41 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    871998,,36,6,pp622-629 (其他)Shun-Cheng Wang
    86Wang, M.C., and P.M. Huang,2011,Catalytic power of birnessite in the abiotic formation of humic polycondensates from glycine and pyrogallol., In J. Drozd et al.,pp59-65 (SCI)Min-Chao Wang
    861997,,1 (其他)Wen-Yu Wang


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