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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    1052016, (SCI)Huang-Mu Lo
    1052016,,in-press (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    1042015,,15,pp2378-2384 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    1042015,Tzu-Yi Pai, Huang-Mu Lo, Terng-Jou Wan, Li Chen, Pei-Shan Hung, Hsuan-Hao Lo, Wei-Jia Lai, Hsin-Yi Lee. 2014. Predicting air pollutant emissions from a medical incinerator using grey model and neural network. Applied Mathematical Modelling, in press. (SCI)Huang-Mu Lo
    1042015,,15,pp1672-1680 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    1042015,,297,pp234-240 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    103Chang, Y.C., Lee, W.J., Yang, H.H., Wang, L.C., Lu, J.H., Tsai, Y.I., Cheng, M.T., Young, L.H., Chiang, C.J.,2014,Reducing emissions of persistent organic pollutants from a diesel engine by fueling with water-containing butanol diesel blends.,Environmental Science and Technology,48,pp6010-6018 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    1032014,kinetic parameter for nitrifying species in A2O process at different sludge retention time. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 174, 2875-2885. (SCI)Huang-Mu Lo
    103Yang, H.H., Lee, K.T., Hsieh, Y,S., Luo, S.W., Li, M.S.,2014,Filterable and condensable fine particulate emissions from stationary sources. ,Aerosol and Air Quality Research.,14,pp2010-2016 (SCI)Hsi-Hsien Yang
    1032014, (其他)Hung-Yueh Lin


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